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Global Art competition: using art work to present our messages on water for food and Life

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Communicating without words to learn about water and agriculture...

Why- The CA has been critically evaluating the benefits, costs, and impacts of the past 50 years of water development, the water management challenges communities are facing today, and solutions people have developed. The results will support better investment and management decisions in water and agriculture in the near future and over the next 50 years.  The CA now wants to communicate its messages to a wide audience through innovative ways- such as art.

What- We are asking for submissions of artwork that is 2 dimensional or flat in format but there are no restrictions on art style (can be print, sketch, paint, cloth, cartoons etc).

Artwork must reflect one of the eighteen categories of messages.

Who – The submission is OPEN TO ANYONE – no age limit …

When – Submission deadline for artwork is postponed to the 1 June 2006 for some messages.

How-  One piece will be chosen to be the “visual representative of each message”.

A prize of USD $ 100 will be rewarded to each winner per key messages and a USD $ 500 will be given to the best art piece across all categories.

The art work will be used in a number of ways including:

  • To illustrate the CA publications particularly the relevant chapter divider pages of the synthesis book.
  • In an art exhibit showcasing all the CA messages as part of the launch of the CA results at the Stockholm Water Week in August 2006.
  • After August, it will become a travelling art show which can be showcased in partner and local organisations offices in locations around the world for continued publicity of the messages on water for food and life. (We do not have a special insurance policy, so we recommand that you do insure your artworks if selected).

To submit an art work : Please prepare your artwork before the deadline and do the following:

1) send a photos (jpeg) to with the following details (name of the artist, country, address, type of artwork, dimension of the artwork) or load it to (it is possible to attach a file on this opening page).

1 bis) if you cannot take a picture, send it to one of the submission location closer to your house (see under where) where they will be able to take a picture for you. Please protect well your art piece when you send it there as we cannot be held responsible for damages during the transfer and do not have a specific insurance.

2)the picture will be used for the selection process. Only the selected artwork will be sent out for the exhibition. The artwork should be well protected for the transport as we will not be held responsible for transport damages.

3) the first exhibition will be organised in Stockolm in late August and then a moving exhibition will be organised from there where specific care will be taken for the artwork. We will negotiate with the transport company an insurance but cannot guarantee it for the moment.

Where - Submissions locations are available in various countries thanks to the CA competition partners (IWMI, Ramsar, CBD, FAO, FANCA, SIWI, the Challenge Program on Water and Food, and others). 

For details write to: or see PDF/Word