Samurdhi Ranasinghe / IWMI

Climate and Food Security Monitoring Bulletins - Sri Lanka

These bulletins offer forecast data and monitoring information to policymakers across Sri Lanka. Each report compiles information generated by departments specializing in irrigation, water, and food security. 

While the reports are designed for local Ministries, they may also be used by development partners and international non-governmental organizations focused on the severity of drought and relief. 

“This quarterly report will explain what has happened in the last three months and what we will look at in the coming three months,” said IWMI researcher Giriraj Amarnath, adding that it will provide a “macro-picture of what is happening in the country.”

In future bulletins, IWMI and the World Food Programme (WFP) will include case studies, highlighting individual farmer testimonies and recent drought-prone hot spots. Researchers will also explore how this project has urged the government to focus funding and attention on mitigating drought risk. IWMI and WFP also plan to launch an interactive site for displaying this information. 

Researchers will continue to publish weekly South Asia Drought Bulletin, which focuses more generally on remote sensing. 

Check back here for new bulletins, which will be released and posted every three months.