Akissa Bahri

Dr. Akissa Bahri is currently the Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries in Tunisia. She has previously served as Secretary of State for Water Resources in Tunisia; as a Professor at the National Agricultural Institute of Tunisia (INAT), Coordinator of the African Water Facility at the African Development Bank; Director for Africa at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI); and Director of Research at the National Research Institute for Agricultural Engineering, Water, and Forestry in Tunisia (INRGREF). 

Dr. Bahri has been involved in water research in the fields of water resources management and agricultural use of marginal waters and biosolids. She has authored over 100 research and policy papers and reports in the areas of integrated water resources management, water and soil management, water reuse and resource recovery and related fields. Dr. Bahri studied agricultural engineering in Toulouse and holds an engineering doctorate from the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, France and a Ph.D. in Water Resources Engineering from University of Lund, Sweden.