CoSAI Big Questions

The Commission explored six ‘big questions’ through a range of commissioned studies, stakeholder engagement and public inquiry. Six Working Groups were set up to explore the following questions:

  1. Future of food and innovation: What will future agricultural systems in the Global South require in terms of innovation in sustainable agricultural intensification (SAI), and how might this be affected by different future scenarios, reflecting drivers such as climate change and COVID-19?
  2. Innovation investment priorities: What are the current priorities for the major investors in innovation in SAI for the Global South, and how do they need to change?
  3. Pathways for innovation: What are the lessons from successful pathways to the generation and wide uptake of innovations in SAI in the Global South, and how can constraints be overcome?
  4. Innovation and environment: How can innovation best be supported to achieve the diverse environmental objectives of SAI?
  5. Innovation and social and human objectives: How can innovation best be supported to achieve the human objectives of SAI – poverty reduction, equity and nutrition?
  6. Principles and metrics: What are the principles and metrics needed to guide future innovations in SAI for the Global South?


View the portfolio of evidence produced by CoSAI's Working Groups.