Research into action

Achieving uptake: How IWMI contributes to better development solutions

Science uptake is the effective use of research by decision makers to improve development practice and policy and donor investments, thereby leading to positive changes in the lives of people.

IWMI’s research has been used by governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and others, resulting in benefits to people and the environment. The Institute is committed to strengthening its solutions-oriented research agenda. This means supporting research users to make better informed policies and investments by providing critical research to decision-makers. It also means regularly monitoring and evaluating IWMI’s program to ensure that its research, products and services are demand-driven and put to use.


Our approach:

  • Identifying client needs and engaging with research users.
  • Packaging selected research recommendations as actionable investment plans and business models; and adapting selected IWMI research products into meaningful decision-making tools.
  • Strengthening capacity of research users to effectively apply research-based tools and recommendations
  • Strengthening partnerships with governments and other development partners to scale up positive impacts.


Coordinator for Research into Impact, Asia: Farah Ahmed