Water Availability, Risk and Resilience

African women at small reservoir, Ghana
African women at small reservoir, Ghana.
Photo: Sanjini de Sillva / IWMI

Water Availability, Risk and Resilience incorporates hydrological and hydrogeological assessments at river basin, aquifer, country, regional and global scales under current and future climate scenarios, provides services to other themes for modeling of water resources scenarios, and enhances availability and delivery of water resources data through the use of earth observing system satellites and information and communications technology (ICT).

It is the home of IWMI’s work on water-related disasters, such as floods and droughts, climate variability and change, and various adaptation options, including improved planning and operation of alternative forms of surface and subsurface water storage.

It enhances the understanding and supports evidence-based management of climate and water resources variability, taking into account environmental and social objectives in order to reduce risk and vulnerability, and increase the resilience of rural and urban populations.

Contact: Vladimir Smakhtin (v.smakhtin@cgiar.org)