Our focus on global challenges

In a world of rapid social, economic and environmental change, water scarcity and declining water quality pose serious and undeniable threats to food security, growth and the natural resources on which human well-being depends. Of increasing concern is the social instability that can result, as rising competition for water aggravates unequal access to this vital resource, leading to the exclusion of poor communities and marginalized groups.

Our focus on global challengesThe International Water Management Institute (IWMI) conducts research for development through programs whose purpose is to build an evidence base for new approaches that address key water-related challenges:

Our work brings to light striking insights on the status and possibilities of water and land management, develops innovative solutions to the most pressing problems (often through collaboration across diverse sectors of the economy and environment), and helps put in place the knowledge, policies and investments needed to reach the water-related targets of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Read on to learn what we aim to achieve, how our researchers work and where we concentrate our collaborative efforts.