Workshops and Seminars

Proposed workshops and Seminars

Workshops and seminars will form one of the important components of the ITP. The major aim will be how to share the rich knowledge gained from the research studies done in different regions on different themes. Also it will act as a platform for the researchers, policy makers and scholars in sharing the knowledge. Hence they form the knowledge centers on irrigation technology development, management and outreach activities.

The following workshops and seminars are planned during the next three years.

  1. Operational guidelines and models on drip and fertigation being followed in different states and the potential for up-scaling the success stories
  2. Valuation of water and pricing – what should be done?
  3. Virtual water – the need for water trade and water education.
  4. Irrigation technologies – Up-scaling and mainstreaming

Number of workshops and seminars will be about 2 per year. Since 2008 almost ending and atleast minimum 2-3 months period is necessary for preparation, one or two workshops/seminars will be planned during 2008 and the rest will be conducted during 2009. The duration of the workshop and seminars will be about 2 days each.  Detailed work plan will be prepared for each workshop/seminar. Experts from the fields will be invited to present the key note papers followed by the papers by the officials, researchers and NGOs. Number of participants per program will be around 30. Participants will be drawn from all sectors working on water related issues including NGOs and research institutes.

The organization of the workshops and seminars will be given to the committed institutions after getting responses from several institutes where ITP will provide the overall supervision and guidance. The collaboration of other institutions in conducting the programs will also be explored. Proceeding for the workshops and seminars will be released as Policy Brief to the Government and other agencies involved in water sector investment and management. In addition, weekly/monthly seminar and symposium will also be supported through SRTT funds.