TOR of the SC

The committee will meet once in 3 months to-

  • Review the progress made
  • Suggest new ideas for incorporation in the program and linking with IWMI’s priorities
  • Provide overall guidance in the implementation of the ITP.
  • The SC has been effective from August 1, 2008 onwards.

In addition, the Director ITP will review the progress of the individual research component as per the TOR. Both the review reports and field visits by the Director ITP will be carried out for all the programs.
Fund release will be done according to the progress made as per the TOR and the reasons for any delay in achieving the target will be examined and needed interventions will be made accordingly.

In the agreement of the ITP (2nd phase), it is mentioned that regular reviews will be conducted to quantify the following after commencement of the project:

a) The impact of the research in the water sector focusing on issues of exclusion, issues of the distressed sections of the people and issue of unattended regions,
b) Initiation of a discourse on salient issues of finance and management facing the irrigation and water management sector in the country,
c) Contribution to policy processes at state and central level,
d) Impact of the technical; support to the trust’s grant making in the field of natural resources and livelihoods,
e) The new themes evolved for initiates by the trust in the NRM field,
f) The NRM and livelihood strategy evolved for the Trust for two new regions (North east and South India) and
g) The advocacy and dissemination strategy of the ITP discussion papers.

Director ITP and the team will address each of the above components using the already completed as well as ongoing research programs.