Publication and Public Awareness

Publication, Dissemination and Raising the Public Awareness

ITP research is meant for improvement of the policies and action in the water sector in India. This is possible only if the research is disseminated widely. ITP will adopt the following measures:

  • Encouraging serious minded media people to participate in events and meets of ITP and to encourage them to write about water sector issues,
  • Conduct local language meet on relevant water sector issues facing the region in question,
  • Encourage staff to write in popular forums for creating awareness of water issues.
  • Supporting conduct of competitions for students in colleges and schools aimed at increasing the awareness levels among youth about water issues.
  • Adopt other publicity and dissemination methods, such as creating tools and materials for spreading the well chosen messagesÂ
  • Water education programs in schools
  • Presenting the ITP results in the national and regional conferences.
  • Making special issue on water in some leading journals
  • Writing/publishing books/bulletins in question and answer format in local language based on the results from the regions/state.
  • Since 2010 is fully devoted for dissemination of the ITP works, reputed publishers will be contacted from 2008 onwards for working out the logistics of the publication.