Overview: Transfer of Research Finding to Policy Action


IWMI-TATA Water Policy Research Program (IWMI-TATA Program)

The IWMI-TATA Water Policy Research Program (ITP) launched in 2000 is a collaborative program of IWMI and Sir Ratan TATA Trust, Mumbai. ITP emerged in response to widely articulated problems of growing water stress in many parts of India, with several detrimental consequences to the society.

The program aims at evolving new perspectives and practical solutions derived from the wealth of research done in India on water resources management.

The objective of ITP is two fold –

– To engage Indian scientific/academic institutions in addition to in-house researchers in a practical agenda to identify, analyze and document relevant water-management approaches and current practices. This program brings in the multi-disciplinary perspective in the analysis of water related problems

– To help policy makers at the central, state and local levels, address their water challenges – in areas such as sustainable groundwater management, water scarcity, and rural poverty – by translating research findings into practical policy recommendations.


These above objectives are achieved through a number of vehicles, which include:

  • Policy publications and research papers.
  • Policy roundtables, consultations and workshops.
  • Funding of research projects.
  • Funding of projects that encourage collaborative activities and cooperation across the Indian research community.

Since its inception, ITP has worked on 18 research themes in the water sector and brought out three books, over 80 research papers in national and international journals and nearly 300 discussion papers. In addition, ITP had initiated two major field interventions aimed at improving water resources management and enhancing water-based livelihoods of rural communities.

The ITP research works will be subjected to periodical review by the Steering Committee the details of which are provided below.


ITP Steering Committee(SC)

S.No Name Affiliation Position in ITP Steering Committee
1 K.Palanisami Director of the ITP, IWMI, Hyderabad Secretary
2 Madar Samad Principal Scientist & Director, IWMI South Asia office, Hyderabad Member
3 Arun Pandhi Senior Program Manager, SRTT, Mumbai Member
4 Tushaar Shah Principal Scientist, IWMI, Anand Member
5 David Molden Deputy Director General, IWMI, Colombo Member
6 Mark Giordano Principal Scientist and Theme Leader, IWMI, Colombo Member


As a follow up of the work carried out by ITP in the water research and policy area since 2001, some outreach, dissemination and policy consultation related activities are planned for the next three years. Details of the proposed activities are provided in the links below: