Communication Materials

Several communication materials have been developed as part of ITP to communicate as well as disseminate the research findings of the program. Some of these are listed below.

  1. Importance of Sustaining Groundwater for India’s Economic Growth
  2. Energy – rrigation Nexus in India
  3. Rainwater Harvesting and Artificial Recharge in India: Potentials and Pitfalls
  4. Water Saving and Yield Enhancing Technologies
  5. Water Management in Indian River Basins
  6. Meeting Growing Water Demands in Naturally Water Scarce Regions: Virtual Water Trade or Real Water Transfer?
  7. North Gujarat Sustainable Groundwater Management Initiative (NGI)

CD 1 – A. Green Dream

B. North Gujarat Sustainable Ground Water Management – A documentary

CD 2 – Research Reports and Papers

IWMI TATA Water Policy Research Program – Selected Research Reports and Papers – 2002 to 2007

APM Conference Proceedings:

The hard copies of the 7th APM held during April 2-4, 2008 are available and can be provided to institutions. Kindly contact ITP, Hyderabad for obtaining a copy of the proceedings.