IWMI-TATA Water Policy Research Program

Water has diverse use and in several areas, livelihood of the poor are intricately linked to availability of water. Recognizing the reality of multiple water use needs as the way forward needs to be reflected in our policies to move towards effective and sustainable management of water at all levels, from local to national level.

IWMI-TATA Water Policy Research Program is a collaborative initiative between a research institution and a corporate body, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and the Sir Ratan TATA Trust (SRTT). This partnership emerged from a shared concern regarding the growing water stress in different parts of India.

While the issues and problems related to water have been well articulated by several stakeholders over time, the IWMI-TATA program aims at evolving fresh perspectives and sustainable solutions by drawing from the vast research carried out across the country and take these in the form of policy recommendations to the policy makers at the national, state and local level.