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Middle East’s groundwater shortage: Will it soon run out?

IWMI plays a pivotal role in addressing groundwater management challenges across the Middle East.

Middle East Water Security: Competition heats up as resources become scarcer

IWMI is highlighted in the context of the deteriorating water security situation in the Middle East and North Africa region in the August 2023 Al-Monitor PRO Trend Report.

Youssef Brouziyne on Kawkabuna, Sky News Arabia

He spoke about the pressure of climate change and anthropogenic activities on lakes and natural reservoirs and their associated biodiversity.

Al-Monitor: Morocco invests in desalination plants as drought worsens

Morocco is expecting a tough summer when it comes to water supply. The North African nation's worst drought in 40 years is leaving people without tap water for hours during summer times, particularly in the southeast part of the country.

Turning the tide on drought in Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco

If we don’t take pre-emptive action to turn the tide on drought preparedness, we are very likely to see devastating impacts on food and water security for millions of people.

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