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Wetlands, humans and robots

This high-tech but accessible tool allows researchers and communities to monitor water quality in their wetland, contributing to better understanding of trends and hence wetland health.

How hybrid water law can transform water access in southern Africa

In rural southern Africa, hybrid water law is a tool for social justice and environmental stewardship.

World Environment Day

Our rivers are barometers of environmental neglect – it’s time to clean them up

Get on nature’s good side

A New Year's resolution to recognize the benefits of water-related ecosystem services

Celebrating World Environment Day 2016 in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

IWMI assisted UNOPS with the planning of the Agri Exhibition and Fair and also had a publications booth at the exhibition.

World Environment Day

Sponge Cities: How to break the cycle of wasted waste

Ananda College wins IWMI World Environment Day gold trophy

The IWMI - hosted ‘Water and the Environment’ junior quiz took place on 6th June 2015 at IWMI headquarters in Battaramulla.

SLWP celebrates World Environment Day with tree planting campaigns

The Sri Lanka Water Partnership (SLWP) celebrated World Environment Day 2015 on Friday 5 June with a tree planting ceremony at the Biodiversity Study Park.

IWMI to host junior quiz to mark World Environment Day 2015

The program aims at promoting awareness among schoolchildren, of the importance of water and the environment for sustaining life.

Freshwater dreams

Can solar-powered desalination alleviate global water scarcity?

World Environment Day: Will the growth of India’s dairy industry put more pressure on water resources?

Think. Eat. Save is the theme of this year's World Environment Day.  The focus is on the food choices we make and how informed...

Wise about Water: New research program for Sri Lanka seeks to better understand water use, agriculture and the environment

On World Environment Day, Dharshani Weerasekera , reflects on how Sri Lanka’s water resources will need careful husbandry to ensure high quality supplies are...

Water Cycle poster for SL Schools launched for World Environment Day

Colombo. 5 June 2013 - The Colombo based International Water Management Institute (IWMI), together with partner organization Lanka Jalani, launched a poster for schools...

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