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The multiple challenges from climate change, urbanization and forced displacement in Irbid Governorate, northwest Jordan

IWMI research will support evidence-based design and the implementation of the Jordanian climate adaptation policy.

Latest IPCC report highlights how climate change is causing extreme events and exacerbating risks of floods and droughts

All components of the hydrological cycle have been impacted by human-induced climate change, and the way we use our land and water has, in turn, also intensified the impacts.

Water security for all

IWMI joins a major UK-funded effort to find solutions.

Promoting wise use of wetlands

Urban and peri-urban wetlands of the city of Kolkata in India are under threat, and their ecosystem services are being lost due to rapid urbanization.

New maps have India covered

Satellite scans of vegetation show changes to the sub-continent’s land-use.

Cleaning up a community canal

Waste management is big challenge for waterside communities, but new innovations can deliver a cleaner environment. Huts and small brick houses huddle cheek by jowl...

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