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Promoting gender equality through applied research for development that supports drought resilience and land restoration

The promotion of gender equality while effecting climate change adaptation is a political and moral imperative.

Can adaptive management combat agricultural uncertainty in Ethiopia?

New IWMI findings suggest that adaptive management, a structured approach to decision-making in the face of uncertainty, can help achieve sustainable agricultural transformation.

Why the young aspire to leave agriculture behind

Often, migration is an adaptation strategy, and a myriad of factors shape whether a person undertakes a journey to a new city in search of opportunity.

Call for youth representatives

A youth agenda for sustainable agricultural transformation in an era of climate change and out-migration.

HuffingtonPost: Can our Weary World Keep Feeding Us?

IWMI’s Director General Jeremy Bird has published an opinion piece in the Huffington Post to mark Earth ‪Overshoot‬ Day.

Press Release: New agreement boosts drive to more sustainable agriculture

A new agreement between the Ministry of Agriculture and IWMI will help develop initiatives to improve waste-derived compost using nutrient enrichment and pelletizing technologies.

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