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Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka

Groundwater sources and treatment practices may not be the sole risk factors, and further research is needed to better understand how water quality, including organic and inorganic contaminants, may relate to CKDu.

Change in behaviour needed for improved drought management in Jordan and the MENA region

Adopting water-saving technology is not enough on its own to stem groundwater depletion in the MENA region.

SciDev.net: Arsenic in groundwater – no silver bullet

Soumya Balasubramanya tells SciDev.Net that the recommendations outlined in new United Nations University report are important for policy-making in developing countries battling the arsenic crisis.

AgriLinks.org: Final report on Tajikistan water users association impact evaluation

USAID commissioned the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) to examine the impact of USAID-supported WUAs created on sustained increases in resource productivity, food security and equity in southern Tajikistan. 

Fixing food 2018: Best practices towards the sustainable development goals

This report investigates best practices in food sustainability across the world. It uses the three pillars—sustainable agriculture, nutritional challenges, and food loss and waste—of the Food Sustainability Index (FSI) as a framework.

AgriLinks: Cultivating the habits of efficient water management in Central Asia

How the creation of water user associations has helped empower rural people to have a direct stake in irrigation management in Tajikistan.

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