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Three months of floods, or nine months of drought

An intense monsoon season in Pakistan means the country’s food system faces the challenge of both extreme floods and extended droughts.

Mapping Myanmar’s water resources is key to developing sustainable aquaculture and improving nutrition

IWMI’s work will help to ensure that future investments in aquaculture in Myanmar will be sustainable, and able to boost rural livelihoods and nutrition as climate change takes hold.

TheHinduBusinessline.com: We’re fast running out of water

In this regard the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) suggests that a mix of storage options, including aquifer recharge, restoring natural wetlands, enhancing soil moisture and small ponds and tanks would complement reservoir storage to increase water availability.

Achieving water sustainability in Jaffna

Several strategies are proposed to ensure the sustainability of Jaffna’s vital groundwater resources, the peninsula's only reliable source of fresh water.

Back to the grassroots

New review paper explores the available knowledge and lessons learned from past experiences in promoting home gardens in Africa.

Increasing Sri Lanka’s rainwater storage will help protect people from floods and droughts

The symposium helped to reinforce the need to make better use of the country’s erratic rainfall by storing it and using it during times of water scarcity.

Providing evidence-based findings in the Dry Zone of Myanmar

Something magical happens when researchers respond directly to development challenges and the needs of end users. There is interest in the findings, it is...

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