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JSTOR.org: It’s time to plug into the internet of water

While the digitization of water measurement systems can be used in many management aspects, the special focus is on two applications: flood prediction and pipe breakage prediction.

Press Release: DIY weather stations will aid flood control efforts

New mobile connected device can transform data collection say experts.

Management requires measurement

IWMI installs open source hardware mobile weather stations in Nachchaduwa to increase rainfall data availability and improve tank management.

IWMI lights up the path for two young entrepreneurs

Inspired by a mobile weather station project led by IWMI’s Yann Chemin, two young research engineers from Sri Lanka have developed their own version of the device.

New weather stations could help Sri Lanka predict and prepare for weather extremes

Extreme and sudden weather variations in Sri Lanka make it difficult to accurately predict natural hazards like floods and landslides. But a low-cost and...

TheIsland: Cheap and easily-buildable mobile weather stations being tested here

When the French scientist Dr. Yann Chemin during a visit to the southern Sri Lanka was trying to protect himself from "being cooked like...

Sri Lankan phone to forecast rain

Scientists in Sri Lanka have developed mobile weather stations to capture and transmit near real-time rainfall data.Equipped with atomic clocks for precise time and...

Getting the better of bad weather

Why new devices could set alarm bells ringing in the rain.

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