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Unlocking the power of water: Seven interventions to transform food systems

Water is essential for all life on earth and is central to the healthy functioning and sustainability of the Earth’s ecosystems. But what about the profound impact of water on our food systems?

Energy World: Why water storage is a vital tool in South Asia’s climate change strategy

Both floods and droughts are the result of variable precipitation, resulting in periods with too much water and others with too little, both of which have hit the people of South Asia hard over the past few decades.

“Revive and Restore Degraded Wetlands”, what will it take?

Wise use calls for balance between maintaining key wetlands functions while not unduly restricting wetlands’ use by millions of often poor people.

To protect the world’s vital wetlands, we must invest in science

As the world prepares to celebrate World Wetlands Day, IWMI reflects on the transformative power of nature-based solutions to tackle climate change — and more.

World Environment Day 2017

Striking a balance between nature and development.

Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction

Not a panacea but a big piece of the puzzle.

World Wetlands Day 2016: Sustainable Livelihoods

One wetland, many uses: looking out on Anawilundawa lake

Malaria link to African dams

New study urges improved control measures

Can Myanmar achieve food security?

The need for targeted investments to reduce poverty and regain preeminent agricultural position in the region.

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