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Declining data quality threatens water resources management in the Lake Tana sub-basin

Through the FLAIR project in the Lake Tana sub-basin, IWMI is supporting the way data is generated by measuring water diversions at selected schemes.

Can solar pumps unlock Ghana’s irrigation potential?

New IWMI research indicates over 2 million hectares potentially suitable for solar photovoltaic (PV) pumping – and proposes sustainable business models for capturing the solar market opportunity.

Can citizen science help to fill hydrology data gaps in Ethiopia?

IWMI conducted a qualitative study to investigate the possibilities of embedding a citizen science approach into existing data collection systems.

Can groundwater cushion Africa from future shocks, and spark development?

Groundwater has thus far been a sleeping giant in most of sub-Saharan Africa. However, there are signs the giant is awakening,

The road to climate resilience

Enabling rural communities to draw up action plans aimed at enhancing resilience to climate-related hazards through sustainable management of natural resources.

Taking the measure of Ghana’s watersheds

A critical requirement for agricultural intensification.

Knowledge sharing: Working within local frameworks

Rock piles act as small check dams that slow water flow and increase soil percolation for groundwater recharge.

IWMI researchers visit Far West Nepal research sites

IWMI Nepal is conducting research for a project entitled ‘Watershed Hydrology Impact Monitoring Research’.

Silent springs

Saving the vanishing Himalayan spring waters.

This year’s model?

Computer models of the world’s water systems need some new thinking

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