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Satisfying the growing need for water storage: the role of sand dams in an integrated storage framework 

More than 2 billion people currently live in water-stressed countries, and approximately 4 billion people experience water scarcity at least one month per year.

Report on polluting effects of commercial banana farming can steer greener policies across the Mekong region

New report makes recommendations aimed at helping authorities limit contamination from pesticides to acceptable levels based on the known risks to environmental and human health.

Tapping into the ground to counter floods and droughts

New IWMI Research Report identifies opportunities to use natural groundwater storage to provide more reliable water supplies, particularly in areas of water scarcity.

TheHindu.com: The alarming levels of India’s groundwater

Groundwater is the world’s most extracted raw material, supplying and sustaining a range of human activity.

More food, fewer floods

Why GAMES could mean a win-win for the Eastern Ganges Basin.

The risk of devastating floods and droughts can be minimized and food production boosted by taking advantage of underground water sources.

What lies beneath?

Subterranean storage could be the answer to Central Asia’s water woes Farmers in the Syrdarya River basin of Central Asia have a problem. Water is...

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