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How groundwater can help us build a more water-secure world

By putting groundwater at the heart of our work, IWMI researchers are paving the way for further climate adaptation and resilience.

How water can boost environmental health and biodiversity

As a result of IWMI’s work in the realms of e-flow monitoring and aquifer recharge, water management for rivers and aquifers has been strengthened.

Tapping into Groundwater

In a recent interview, Dr. Villholth spoke more about IWMI’s groundwater program and how events such as World Water Week are important to protecting and managing the resource.

Groundwater and sustainable development

New reports heighten awareness of an urgent imperative.

7th Africa Water Week

“Decolonizing” formal water law to pave the way for smallholder irrigation

Banking on nature

Projects that harness nature-based structures in places like Kenya and Sri Lanka are showing green infrastructure can be a valuable tool in helping vulnerable communities.

Shedding light on policy options

Toward sustainable solar-powered pumping of groundwater for irrigation

Press Release: Uncovering and Confronting Global Groundwater Challenges

A new initiative seeks to unite organizations to promote sustainable groundwater management.

TheGuardian: Africa droughts prompt calls to start pumping untapped groundwater

The Guardian recently published an article covering the Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice (GRIPP) co-led by IWMI.

Allafrica Op-Ed piece captures the work of IWMI led GRIPP partnership

Allafrica recently published an Op-Ed which captures the work of the IWMI led Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice

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