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Cultivating change: Sri Lanka’s smallholder farmers explore climate-resilient solutions

Smallholder farmers are embracing climate-adaptive agriculture, innovations and partnerships.

“If […] there is a small boy in the house, he must grant me permission before I can do anything on [the] land”

How gender roles and labor allocations impact livelihood spaces in the Upper-West region of Ghana.

Water for whom? Realizing contemporary water allocation through age-old customary tenure practices

Ultimately, rights-based water resource allocation may appear to be the most effective to address legal pluralism for poverty alleviation and broad-based agricultural growth.

Tapping into Groundwater

In a recent interview, Dr. Villholth spoke more about IWMI’s groundwater program and how events such as World Water Week are important to protecting and managing the resource.

Data, funds and dialogue key to water, energy, and food security in a changing climate for Pakistan

A holistic approach and reliable database on water resources and their use across Pakistan is the key to achieving food, water, and energy security in the fifth most climate-vulnerable country in the world.

Times of India: How climate smart agriculture can fortify TN’s parched fields

Farmers in most parts of the country do not know about the water requirement of each crop.

It may look tasty, but is it safe to eat?

How consumer perceptions of food quality may overlook risks.

IWMI Working Paper – 163: Characteristics of urban and peri-urban agriculture in West Africa: results of an exploratory survey conducted in Tamale (Ghana) and...

Agriculture is a long-standing feature of urban and peri-urban West Africa. The technical, environmental, social and political implications of urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA)...

IWMI Working Paper – 164: Consumer perceptions of fruit and vegetable quality: certification and other options for safeguarding public health in West Africa.

Urban areas in developing countries have many formal and informal food chains and face diverse food-quality and -safety challenges resulting from infrastructure (e.g., cold...

Farming to type

A new way of categorizing farms can lead to improved sustainability.

Farming goes to town

Pay Drechsel, scientist at the Colombo-based International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and co-author of the study, published in Environmental Research Letters in November, says...

World Food Day 2014

For World Food Day we look at 8 social and technological innovations that can contribute to a water-secure future for rural communities and family farmers.

IWMI study features on Nestlé website

More Coffee with Less Water Groundwater, the main source of coffee irrigation during the dry months in Vietnam, is declining rapidly due to overuse, and...

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