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Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka

Groundwater sources and treatment practices may not be the sole risk factors, and further research is needed to better understand how water quality, including organic and inorganic contaminants, may relate to CKDu.

CNN.com: Thousands ill from mysterious kidney disease, but what’s the cause?

"Increasingly, the finger is being pointed at water," said Herath Manthrithilake, head of Sri Lanka programs at IWMI.

Getting the better of bad weather

Why new devices could set alarm bells ringing in the rain.

Is reverse osmosis (RO) treatment the answer to solving the CKDu riddle?

In conversation with Harsha Kumar Suriyarachchi, former Vice Chairman, National Water Supply and Drainage Board by Renuka Jeya Raj Most experts agree that the presence...

Is groundwater hiding a deadly secret in Sri Lanka’s paddy lands?

A mystery killer is striking thousands of farming families in Sri Lanka’s North Central Province. Insidious as it is deadly, the clues to its identity may flow in the groundwater that irrigates crops and slakes thirsts.

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