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Arsenic risk to humans: How crops, trade, and groundwater contribute

The study represents a first step towards improving our collective understanding of the magnitude of global risk stemming from crops irrigated with arsenic-contaminated groundwater.

SciDev.net: Arsenic in groundwater – no silver bullet

Soumya Balasubramanya tells SciDev.Net that the recommendations outlined in new United Nations University report are important for policy-making in developing countries battling the arsenic crisis.

High time to fast-forward arsenic reduction in Bangladesh

IWMI researchers suggest how in a Devex opinion article.

IWMI Working Paper – 161: Extent of Arsenic Contamination and Its Impact on the Food Chain and Human Health in the Eastern Ganges Basin:...

Exposure to arsenic and the use of arsenic-contaminated groundwater in agriculture causes serious health issues. Complete or...

Facing up to South Asia’s environmental arsenic

Report calls for more action to combat the region’s contamination challenge.