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Arsenic risk to humans: How crops, trade, and groundwater contribute

The study represents a first step towards improving our collective understanding of the magnitude of global risk stemming from crops irrigated with arsenic-contaminated groundwater.

SciDev.net: Arsenic in groundwater – no silver bullet

Soumya Balasubramanya tells SciDev.Net that the recommendations outlined in new United Nations University report are important for policy-making in developing countries battling the arsenic crisis.

High time to fast-forward arsenic reduction in Bangladesh

IWMI researchers suggest how in a Devex opinion article.

IWMI Working Paper – 161: Extent of Arsenic Contamination and Its Impact on the Food Chain and Human Health in the Eastern Ganges Basin:...

Exposure to arsenic and the use of arsenic-contaminated groundwater in agriculture causes serious health issues. Complete or partial contamination of groundwater is reported worldwide,...

Facing up to South Asia’s environmental arsenic

Report calls for more action to combat the region’s contamination challenge.

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