IWMI Research Report – 18

Impact Assessment of Rehabilitation Intervention in the Gal Oya Left Bank.


Amarasinghe, U. A.; Sakthivadivel, R.; Murray-Rust, H. 1998. Impact assessment of rehabilitation intervention in the Gal Oya Left Bank. Colombo, Sri Lanka: International Irrigation Management Institute (IIMI) v, 23p. (IIMI Research Report 18 / IWMI Research Report 18) [doi: 10.3910/2009.013]



Assesses the impact of rehabilitation interventions on irrigation system performance using time series analysis. The study demonstrates that with proper impact specification and model identification, the nature and magnitude of the impacts of different interventions can be separated from the effects of simultaneous changes in dominant exogenous factors.


ISBN 92-9090-348-1

ISSN 1026-0862