Fulco Ludwig

Director - Water Data Science

Fulco Ludwig is a multidisciplinary scientist addressing the future climate and water risks at multiple temporal and spatial scales. He combines skills in hydrology, ecology, agricultural and climate and data sciences to develop new tools and scenarios for sustainable development and to optimize policy support. He has a strong background in climate impact modelling and large scale data analyses and has extensive field experience in Africa, Australia, the US and Asia.

At IWMI, Fulco leads the programme on Water Data Science. He initiates the development of new methods and tools to address water problems using novel approaches such artificial intelligence, deep and machine learning. In addition modelling and information frameworks are developed for climate change impacts and adaptation at different scales (from global to local).

Before IWMI Fulco was a professor in Water Systems and Global Change at Wageningen University, He also worked at University of Georgia, CISRO and Unecso-IHE. Here , Fulco linked climate with agricultural, water and energy models to perform quantitative climate impact analyses for different sectors and assess adaptation options and strategies. Fulco has been the project leader for several large projects on climate change impacts and adaptation in relation to water resources and agricultural production in Asia , Africa and Europe. He was an advisor for both the Bangladesh Delta Plan and Mekong Delta Plan.

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