OPINION: Global groundwater – it is time to act

But groundwater is increasingly under threat from overexploitation and contamination. Given the risks this poses for our future, we are joining 700+ global experts to call for action.

Karen Villholth is a Principal Researcher with International Water Management Institute (IWMI), South Africa and its CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE), and Coordinator of GRIPP – Groundwater Solutions Initiative for Policy and Practice. Tom Gleeson is an Associate Professor with University of Victoria, Canada.

On our increasingly unpredictable planet, the world’s focus tends toward major ‘visible crises’ like floods, droughts, storms and conflict. What is often under the radar, and under our sightlines, is groundwater. Hidden under the earth, making up 99% of the Earth’s liquid freshwater, it sustains our crops, fills our drinking glasses, and is a critical element of climate change adaptation solutions that could protect billions.


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