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India Climate Dialogue: Water levels in Himalayan river basins drop as world warms

As the world warms, less water is replenishing major river basins, a new study has found. This could impact water availability, with big implications for future water security.

Inland Fisheries Alliance: Inland fisheries: Better management can’t wait

Regardless of who said it first, the quote’s wisdom also applies outside of corporate conference rooms, including on the banks of rivers and lakes around the world.

Climate Diplomacy: How climate services can help mitigate crises and conflict

The 2010 flooding in Pakistan is an example of how the lack of proper disaster preparedness and management can lead to social unrest and conflict.

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Piped water boosts women’s health, happiness and income in rural Zambia

From growing vegetables to spending more time with their children, women's quality of life improved drastically after piped water was installed near their homes in rural Zambia, Stanford University researchers said on Thursday.

Smart Water Magazine: We should not wait for microplastics to become an irreversible problem before dealing with them

Plastic pollution is currently one of the most pressing environmental issues in the world, as thousands of plastic products produced every day overwhelm countries’ efforts to recycle them.

South Asia Time: In South Asia, marginal farmers are disproportionally affected by climate change

His research investigates the linkage between small-scale agriculture, irrigation, climate change, and poverty in South Asia, Middle East, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Sound Cloud: Groundwater for food – Opportunities & Challenges in Africa by Karen Villholth

Listen to the Interview on Groundwater for food - Opportunities & Challenges in Africa by Karen Villholth, on DIRCO UBUNTU Radio.

Business Times: ‘Zim should better manage groundwater

Zimbabwe has to better manage groundwater resources which provide a high potential for coping with and mitigating the impacts of climate change and food insecurity, a water expert has said.