HindustanTimes.com: India must not look at its water crisis in isolation

India’s water woes, though, stem largely from its over-dependence on groundwater, and here, the climate links are less pronounced because underground aquifers take much longer to react to changes in temperature and rainfall

This was a rough monsoon — a delayed start in many parts of India, and then a deluge — leading to both devastating droughts and floods, so much so that almost every other day, we read news about parched cities, and submerged villages. Those of us who work on water issues in India understand that droughts and floods are a manifestation of the same malaise — decades of mismanagement of our land, water and ecosystems due to outdated and misinformed policies. The effects of these are now being compounded due to climate change. As a scientist, I often get asked how much of our water woes are due to climate change.



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