Welcome to World Water Week 2010

Meet up with us at World Water Week 5-11 September, 2010

Contacts for media requests
James Clarkej.clarke@cgiar.org
Joanna Kane-Potaka: +94 773 715 075 or j.kane-potaka@cgiar.org
Megan Dold: +1 301 652 1558 or mdold@burnesscommunications.com
Jeff Haskins: +254 729 871 422 orjhaskins@burnesscommunications.com

About World Water Week in Stockholm
World Water Week in Stockholm is the annual meeting place for the planet’s most urgent water-related issues. Organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), it brings together 2500 experts, practitioners, decision makers and business innovators from around the globe to exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions.

The theme for the 2010 World Water Week is “The Water Quality Challenge-Prevention, Wise Use and Abatement”. Read more and register online at www.worldwaterweek.org

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Out of Water: From Abundance to Scarcity and How to Solve the World's Water Problems

Out of Water

From Abundance to Scarcity and How to Solve the World’s Water Problems

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The Indispensable Guide to the Next Global Crisis: Water

“No water, no life. Are you wondering how this planet can be ‘running out of water’ when it still rains and rivers flow? This book is your guide. Colin Chartres has lived his life to improve the management of the water that gives life to all. His lessons are worth learning.”-Margaret Catley-Carlson, Member of the UN Secretary General’s Advisory Board, Chair of the Global Water Partnership, and former Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF


Water Storage in an Era of Climate Change

Addressing the Challenge of Increasing Rainfall Variability

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For many of the world’s poorest people, rainfall variability is a major impediment to their livelihoods. The inability to predict and manage rainfall, and consequent runoff, variability is a key contributing factor to their food insecurity and poverty. Frequent periods with too much water are followed by periods with too little and intermittent water scarcity is often a direct consequence of rainfall variability. This is likely to be exacerbated by climate change.


Wastewater Irrigation and Health

Assessing and Mitigating Risk in Low-income Countries

Edited By Pay Drechsel, Christopher A. Scott, Liqa Raschid-Sally, Mark Redwood and Akiça Bahri
This book represents the best, modern innovative thinking on the topic and symbolizes an important turning point in the history of wastewater reuse in irrigation as a major contributor to water and nutrient conservation, public health and welfare.’ Professor Hillel Shuval, Hadassah Academic College and Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
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