World Water Day 2017: Media Coverage

The media coverage listed below relate to content published for World Water Day 2017. World Water Day Appreciates Precious Wastewater

Thinking like a business can help make waste management financially attractive and environmentally sustainable.

BBC Bangla Radio: Pit latrine maintenance can be a community health problem

In an interview with BBC Bangla Radio, Rizwan Ahmed says pit latrine maintenance can be a community health problem. From noxious sludge to clean water

To mark World Water Day we look at a solution that could improve health in Bangladesh by safely recycling waste. So what do you do with the Poo in a pit latrine?

Bangladesh has done a great job of getting more toilets to more people. Now it needs to figure out how to empty them. Reimagining wastewater economics – a breakthrough in Bangladesh

A proposed scheme would spread payments and make waste collection safe and profitable. New poop removal system could revolutionize sanitation

A new study by IWMI and partners has found a way to make costs of fecal sludge removal more affordable for poor households.