World Environment Day

Measuring the water level in the Ajuri River in Ethiopia. Photo: Maheder Haileselassie / IWMI How to monitor effectively when the water balance drops (November 30, 2020) - A new IWMI Working Paper provides a Gap and Opportunity Analysis of Hydrological Monitoring in Ethiopia.
Navigating the road to socially inclusive hydropower (February 21, 2019) - Asia Times opinion article reports insights from new research in Nepal.
Myanmars Ayeyarwady River is vital for rural livelihoods World Environment Day (June 6, 2018) - Our rivers are barometers of environmental neglect – it’s time to clean them up
Northern Region, Golinga, irrigation dam. Photo: Hamish John Appleby / IWMI Get on nature’s good side (January 10, 2018) - A New Year's resolution to recognize the benefits of water-related ecosystem services
World Environment Day 2017 (June 5, 2017) - Striking a balance between nature and development.
World Environment Day (June 4, 2016) - Sponge Cities: How to break the cycle of wasted waste
Water resources and environment conference (January 8, 2016) - Jeremy Bird highlights the importance of the water-food-energy nexus approach.
Press Release: Pay Drechsel wins 2015 IWA Development Award (October 16, 2015) - Drechsel’s research has played an important role in developing options for safe wastewater use in countries where treatment capacities are low and informal wastewater irrigation is common.
Ananda College wins IWMI World Environment Day gold trophy (June 18, 2015) - The IWMI - hosted ‘Water and the Environment’ junior quiz took place on 6th June 2015 at IWMI headquarters in Battaramulla.
SLWP celebrates World Environment Day with tree planting campaigns (June 10, 2015) - The Sri Lanka Water Partnership (SLWP) celebrated World Environment Day 2015 on Friday 5 June with a tree planting ceremony at the Biodiversity Study Park.
Reversing the clock (June 4, 2015) - Ethiopian communities attempt to save biodiversity and livelihoods.
IWMI to host junior quiz to mark World Environment Day 2015 (May 29, 2015) - The program aims at promoting awareness among schoolchildren, of the importance of water and the environment for sustaining life.
Freshwater dreams (June 4, 2014) - Can solar-powered desalination alleviate global water scarcity?
World Environment Day 2013 World Environment Day: Will the growth of India’s dairy industry put more pressure on water resources? (June 11, 2013) - Think. Eat. Save is the theme of this year’s World Environment Day.  The focus is on the food choices we make and how informed decisions can reduce the environmental impact of what we eat. IWMI researchers have been exploring the impact of water use in India’s huge dairy sector. India loves milk. The world’s second […]
Wise about Water: New research program for Sri Lanka seeks to better understand water use, agriculture and the environment (June 11, 2013) - On World Environment Day, Dharshani Weerasekera , reflects on how Sri Lanka’s water resources will need careful husbandry to ensure high quality supplies are available to all. For most of us, especially in Colombo, the torrential rains of December 2012 and January this year were just an inconvenience. But their consequences elsewhere in the island […]
Water Cycle poster for SL Schools launched for World Environment Day (June 5, 2013) - Colombo. 5 June 2013 – The Colombo based International Water Management Institute (IWMI), together with partner organization Lanka Jalani, launched a poster for schools to mark world environment day and 2013, the UN Year of Water Cooperation. Depicting the water cycle in Sri Lanka, the poster (23.5cm x 30 cm) is a colourful illustration of […]