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Woman fetching water from a small reservoir close to a pumping point-Hamish-John-Appleby

When small is beautiful – but not spectacular

Taking stock of a widespread water intervention in Africa.
Kariba Dam between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Damned if you don’t!

Time for smart dam design and operation to combat malaria in Africa.

Impartial perspectives on a contested resource

A timely new book on southern Africa’s Zambezi River Basin

Scroll.in: A call for “water-sensible” urbanization policies in India

An article in Scroll.in, an award-winning news portal in India, calls on state governments to devise “water-sensible urbanization policies” in partnership with the International Water Management Institute (IWMI).

$75 billion of water investments lost to corruption annually

Mismanagement threatens SDGs, says new report.
A farmer uses a small pump to irrigate his fields

Priming the pump: motorized pumps improve prospects for Zambia’s smallholders

July 6 is the 2013 UN International Day of Co-operatives . The event seeks to encourage the growth and establishment of cooperatives and farmers’...