Data Sets

The IWMI Global Wetlands Initiative


The IWMI Global Wetlands Initiative focuses on multipurpose and multiple-scale use of wetlands within agriculture landscapes. The “Interactive Global Wetlands Map Server” provides information links about global distribution of wetlands. Click on the location (global map position) to get information on region, country, extent of area, flora & fauna, threats, etc. relevant to a specific wetland. The Map Server provides information on Wetlands in Asia, Oceania, Middle East.

Eco-Hydrological Databases


The Eco-Hydrological Databases contains information on aspects of functioning, requirements and management of freshwater ecosystems. The information is extracted from formally published papers and reports, unpublished documents, Internet sites and expert opinions. Three databases are available at present.

The Global Environmental Flow Calculator (GEFC)


The Global Environmental Flow Calculator (GEFC) is a software package for desktop rapid assessment of Environmental Flows (EFs). The EF estimation technique in GEFC uses monthly time step series reflecting natural unregulated flow conditions and its corresponding Flow Duration Curve (FDC)- a cumulative distribution function of flows.