Key Publications

Why MUS? The case for multiple-use water services

PDF [3.7MB]

Scaling up Multiple Use Water Services: Accountability in the water sector.

Authors: Barbara van Koppen, Stef Smits, Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio and John B. Thomas.
PDF [701KB]


Multiple-Use Water Services to Advance the Millennium Development Goals.

Authors: van Koppen, Barbara; Moriarty, P.; Boelee, Eline.
PDF [919KB]


Valuing Water in Irrigated Agriculture and Reservoir Fisheries: A Multiple-Use Irrigation System in Sri Lanka.

Authors: Renwick, M. E.
PDF [965KB]


Pro-poor Intervention Strategies in Irrigated Agriculture: Lessons from the Asian Experience.

Authors: International Water Management Institute (IWMI); International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC); Global Water Partnership (GWP).
PDF [428KB]


Integrating fisheries into irrigation planning and management.

Authors: International Water Management Institute (IWMI); Global Water Partnership (GWP).
PDF [248KB]


Multiple sources of water for multiple purposes in Northeast Thailand.

Authors: Penning de Vries, F.; Ruaysoongnern, S.
PDF [0.97MB]


Multiple use schemes: Benefit to smallholders.

Authors: Pant, Dhruba; Gautam, K. R.; Shakya, S. D.; Adhikari, D. L.
PDF [517KB]


Gender roles and multiple uses of water in North Gujarat.

Authors: Upadhyay, Bhawana.
PDF [583KB]