Key Facts

Women working in a maize farm
In sub-Saharan Africa women grow up to 90% of all food. 1
Roasting groundnuts
When African women obtain the same farm inputs as male farmers, they increase their yields for maize, beans and cowpeas by over 20% 2
IWMI researcher at the tritium counter at the National Isotope Hydrology Lab
Only around 1/3 of researchers in the world today are women. 3


Photos: 1- David Brazier / IWMI, 2- David Brazier / IWMI , 3- Apollo Habtamu / IWMI


1. FAO

2. Caldes, Natalia and Ahmed, Akhter U. “Food for Education: A Review of Program Impacts (draft).” Prepared for Millennium Task Force on Hunger. Washington: IFPRI, June 2004

3. UNESCO 2012, Women in science


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