Key Publications

Institutions, Impact Synergies and Food Security: A Methodology with Results from the Kala Oya Basin, Sri Lanka.

Authors : Saleth, Rathinasamy Maria; Dinar, A.; Neubert, S.; Kamaiah, B.; Manoharan, S.; Abayawardana, Sarath; Ariyaratne, Ranjith; de Silva, S.
PDF [570KB]

Changing Consumption Patterns: Implications on Food and Water Demand in India.

Authors : Amarasinghe, Upali A.; Shah, Tushaar; Singh, Om Prakash.
PDF [543KB]


Water, poverty and equity.

Authors : International Water Management Institute (IWMI).
PDF [993KB]

Experiences and opportunities for promoting small-scale/micro irrigation and rainwater harvesting for food security in Ethiopia.

Authors : Awulachew, Seleshi Bekele; Merrey, Douglas; Kamara, Abdul; van Koppen, Barbara; Penning de Vries, Frits; Boelee, Eline.
PDF [1.24MB]

Food security and sustainable agriculture in India: The water management challenge.

Authors : Kumar, M. D
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Innovative approaches to agricultural water use for improving food security in Sub- Saharan Africa.

Editor : Inocencio, A.; Sally, H.; Merrey, D. J.
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