Stockholm Dialogue: Can we deliver sustainable transformations to our agri-food systems?


March 29, 2017    
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Stockholm Resilience Center, Kräftriket, 104 05 Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Resilience Center, Kräftriket, 104 05 Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden, 10405

WLE, in partnership with the Stockholm Resilience Center and the Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI), will host a half day dialogue on how we can better make global agricultural systems the key to sustainability instead the cause of environmental degradation.

Global agriculture is one of humanity’s great success stories, but agricultural production has come at high environmental and social costs.

Over the last few decades, many different sustainable agricultural solutions have been developed in response to problems, such as soil degradation, overdrawn and polluted water supplies, biodiversity loss and socio-economic inequities.

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