CNRD – SWINDON – AIT Conference: Water Security and Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities in Asia


November 29, 2016 - December 1, 2016    
All Day


Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok

Achieving water security is one of the major challenges being faced by society today. Asia has been facing many water security challenges since decades because of multiple drivers such as increasing population, socio economic development, urbanization, migration, among others. Furthermore, climate change is also creating an additional threat. While significant efforts have been made by Governments in Asia to make societies water-secure; much more work is needed. There is a need for robust water security enhancement strategies that are grounded in sound scientific evidence, and that will stand the test of time.

This conference (hUp:// security conference/) is a plaWorm for engaging leading experts in the region and beyond in discussions on water security issues in Asia in order to facilitate the path towards water-secure societies. The conference is organized by the exceed centers CNRD (Cologne) and SWINDON (Braunschweig) together with the Asian Institute of Technology.


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