Sustaining land management interventions through integrating income generating activities, addressing local concerns and increasing women's participation (N6)

This project intends to build on existing knowledge and programs in Natural Resources Management (NRM) and focuses on assessing impacts of different NRM interventions on ecosystem services (ES) at scales and livelihood that provide short-term incentives to support communities to adopt longer-term conservation approaches for restoring degraded landscapes in Ethiopian highlands. Particularly, this project will: a) investigate the spatial and temporal variations in regulating, provisioning and supporting ecosystem services (ES) following NRM intervention, b) test improved practices to stop gully development, and assesses the required incentives to sustain gully treatment and stabilization, c) define the different concerns of men and women regarding NRM interventions, and test ways and means of addressing those concerns, 4) investigate gender disaggregated benefits and tradeoffs of the interventions, 5) identify and test different short-term incentives required to sustain NRM interventions, and 6) explore ways to increase women?s and marginal groups participation in decision making. The project will be implemented in 15 watersheds.