Patrick Drown/IWMI

Sustainable Water Resources Development in Western Nepal Through Ensuring Resilient Freshwater Ecosystem Services

The overall goal of this project is to promote sustainable water resources development in Western Nepal through balancing economic growth, social justice and healthy, resilient ecosystems. The geographic focus of this activity will be the watershed basins and sub-basins within the Mid-western and Far-western Development Regions of Nepal, with a particular focus on the Karnali basin including the Mahana sub-basin in the Terai and the Mahakali basin. Three objectives are proposed to achieve this goal:  The construction of a sound knowledge base on the current state and use of ecosystems and their services and the impact of climate change as well as other drivers of future change in west Nepal to identify key information and knowledge gaps. The development and application of tools, models and approaches (taking into consideration opportunities and risks) for sustainable water resources development under current state and future scenarios at the basin and local community scale. Support the development of integrated policy and management guidelines on options and technologies for sustainable water-infrastructure development for government and local communities. Visit the project website.