Support to the roll-out of SDG monitoring and reporting by countries enhancing food security and sustainable use of water resource use

The SDGs are a major global innovation that is leading the world to a sustainable future. IWMI has been involved in many aspects of the development of the SDGs and this project seeks to maintain this influence. This project will continue to contribute to SDG indicator development within the UN, with an increasing focus on the Water Stress indicator 6.4.2 with the e-flows subcomponent. It will also critique progress on development of the Agenda 2030.

Rapid population growth and uncoordinated water infrastructure development challenge water and food security in the Nile River basin. Focusing on Target 6.4 of Sustainable Development Goals, this study analyzes the effects of improving water use efficiencies on water scarcity, water stress and food security (Target 2.4) in the Nile River basin using a scenario-based approach. Scenario analysis is conducted using the IMPACT model.