Science-policy exchange processes and learning alliance around strengthening the role of ecosystem services for increased resilience of investments in sustainable intensification (and Agent Based Modeling (ABM) framework)

This activity involves use of online decision support tools developed in previous WLE project for the Niger River Basin and the Mekong River basin. The design of these online tools is based on the notion of agent-based modeling and allows for stakeholders in the river basin to express their options for water resources development of river basin and explore how their decisions could interact with the options of other stakeholders and influence the ecosystem services provided by the water resources in the basin. To this end, a seminar will be held to generate real-time responses and gather unfiltered feedback on the utility & design of the online tools. We will also monitor the status of the use of the online tools, improve the system design/performance given the feedback, and analyze the stakeholder input data collected by the online system to generate insight into in a real world situation how stakeholders in a river basin could compete and collaborate in future water resources development activities.

This project is also contains a generic ABM framework for complex ecosystem service analyses in WLE focal regions.