Private and public sector involvement in the energy-food nexus

The EU funded WABEF project (Western Africa Biowastes for Energy and Fertilizer) is a collaborative project of CIRAD, RUAF Foundation and institutions in Senegal (UCAD and IAGU), Benin (Songhai) and Mali (AEDR) that will disseminate viable anaerobic waste digestion technologies. Overall project activities included: -Implementing an inventory of technologies employing anaerobic digestion of biowaste, adapted to the Sudano-Sahelian context -Development of a tool to compare and choose the most viable technology for a specific situation -Two existing waste treatment plants will be made operational as demonstrators -Technical and policy briefs will be developed -An on line distance learning module will be developed based on the project?s results -A regional school for practitioners and decision-makers? enrichment will be organised With support of WLE a special issue of the UA Magazine has been developed.