Measuring, Understanding and Adapting to Nexus Trade-offs in the 3S River Basins

The purpose of this project is to improve the quality of planning and investment in the 3S region by undertaking activities in three consecutive "streams": i) nexus assessment; ii) capacity building for regional decision-making processes; iii) regional dialogues. IWMIs contribution to this study is primarily to support the nexus assessment. Based largely on literature review and guided by a Technical Advisory Group (TAG), IWMI will contribute to understanding of the current condition in the basin, the principal drivers of change and the likely trade-offs associated with different development options. IWMI will conduct sector assessment, economic assessment and livelihoods assessment each of which will comprise a baseline analyses to understand the current situation and an assessment of possible future trends based on development plans and drivers of change. To the extent possible all data/information will be disaggregated by basin and country.