Increasing Irrigation Water Productivity in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe through on farm monitoring, adaptive management and agricultural innovation platforms

"The most intractable problems such as those faced by irrigated agriculture are systemic in nature and often need several simultaneous interventions to overcome them. Hence the Innovation Systems approach is being promoted to ‘widen the space for innovation’ through the establishment of multi-stakeholder agricultural innovation platforms or AIPs. The entry point for this project is monitoring of irrigation water, soil water, nitrate, salt and groundwater levels, which will help farmers to understand the root causes for low yield and degradation of irrigated lands. The project aims to increase agricultural water productivity to improve food security in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The project’s specific objectives and activities are to: Objective 1. Evaluate whether Agricultural Innovation Platforms based on existing community organisations can identify and overcome institutional and market barriers to greater Water Productivity (40% of effort). Objective 2: Develop, test and deploy water monitoring systems at each site as an entry point for enhancing agricultural productivity (40% of effort). Objective 3. Identify and communicate economic and policy incentive mechanisms for greater Water Productivity (20% of effort).