CityFoodTools - Mapping City Regions Food Systems

This project supports analysis of city region food systems in Colombo Sri Lanka and Quito, Ecuador. The CRFS analysis in Colombo is part of the FAO Food for the Cities Project implemented together with IWMI and RUAF (see further: The Quito assessment is part of the RUAF CityFoodTools project ( The Colombo assessment will support (1) Introducing by-laws on RRR from food waste at the level of CMC.; (2) Development of an implementable action plan on UPA at the level of the Western Province (3) Introduction of food safety and hygiene aspects along the entire value chain in the national food act. The Quito assessment will help the city to collect data (gender sensitive) key indicators for food related policies and actions for building more resilient city region food systems. Baseline data will be mapped onto a GIS system to allow for design of future spatialised interventions and monitoring (CoA 3.1, outcome 3.1, 2 cities in 2 countries).